Planning a Trip For Two or a family Get-away to The Picturesque Islands of The Bahamas?

We are the home of spectacular pink sand beaches, turquoise waters and exciting activities for all ages. The Bahamas is the perfect vacation destination for those who want a break from their stressful work schedules, a busy city, or simply the day to day worries Scape.  Families enjoy inexpensive vacation packages which are complimented by sand, sun, turquoise water, fun and people who are willing to make your visit an unforgettable one!  Once your ticket is booked, the first question that comes to mind should be, “What to bring?”  Well, here is a list of Island essentials that you must pack in order to ensure your vacation is worry free.

Have your money changed


Unless your money is in US dollars, you will need to change it before heading to The Bahamas. In the Bahamas, US dollars and Bahamian dollars have the same value and can be used interchangeably but we suggest you change only enough for taxi and some basic services as all major credit cards are accepted in all local establishments, and the exchange rates for card ATM withdrawals are fair.




Prepare a wish list and have an itinerary planned, or have an idea of what sort of activities, places you want to visit and restaurants you must eat at it.


Pack a small bag with useful items considering the weather


Lip Moisturizer, sun block over 30SPF, after sun aloe gel, waterproof cases for your cell phone, insect repellent, Benadryl or allergy medicine, and band-aids are some of the bare necessities we recommend for any traveler.

Choosing your vacation accommodation


The Bahamas accommodations offer a variety of accommodations, from family, single, couple, economy hotel, budget hotel, cheap accommodations to some of the most exquisite villas in the world. The major islands have hotels that cater to large family, and luxury accommodations such as Atlantis Paradise Island, Melia Resort and Our Lucaya on Grand Bahama Island. World class casino gambling is offered in Nassau (New Providence Island), Paradise Island and Grand Bahama.


Some of the real treasures are spread throughout the magnificent Family Islands where you will find some of the best fishing, bone fishing, diving and white sand beaches in the Caribbean. If you want more room or a private vacation experience, you might want to consider a vacation rental home. Almost every island offers vacation rentals, and like Nassau Hotels, most of them feature breath-taking views of the ocean and many are located directly on the beach.




If you are traveling to The Bahamas, you should pre-arrange your airport transfers. Arriving without a reservation could quickly turn into a bitter experience due to the high demands at the airport.   This is also recommended so you can have a cultural experience, it is always a good idea to take a city tour in any destination you are visiting for the first time. It will help you to understand the roots and culture of the natives.


Appropriate dress code


Casual summer wear can be worn during the day or any time of the year, but be sure to bring a jacket or sweater for cooler evenings from December to February. Some hotels, fine restaurants and casinos require long pants for men in the evening, especially in cosmopolitan Nassau and Grand Bahama Island. Walking the streets in swim trunks in mid-January might sound irresistible and is acceptable, but beach clothing is, for the most part, considered too laid back and most times inappropriate in churches like Christ Church Cathedral of St. Francis, in some fine dining and five start restaurants or in the casinos.   On the more laid-back Out Islands, dress code is more flexible.


Sun protection


It gets hot beneath the Bahamian sun, so we recommend you come prepared. Be sure to bring strong protection against the sun:

·         Sun screen 30 SPF or higher

·         Suntan lotion 

·         Sun glasses 

·         Hats & visors 


Extra items


It goes without saying that you must pack your camera.  It may be a good idea if the camera is water proof since most of the activities are water related. Snorkeling gear and more than one swimsuit, small backpack, painkillers and travel first aid are also suggested.



Banks, businesses and many shops are closed on the following public government holidays and some close early the day before: 

·         New Year’s Day                                  (January 1)

·         Majority Rule Day                               (January 10)

·         Good Friday                                        (Friday before Easter)

·         Easter Sunday                                    (Same as in the U.S.)

·         Easter Monday                                    (Monday after Easter Sunday)

·         Whit Monday                                       (Seventh Monday after Easter)

·         Sir Randol Fawkes Labour Day             (First Friday in June)

·         Bahamas Independence Day                 (July 10)

·         Emancipation Day                                (First Monday in August)

·         National Heroes Day                            (October 12)

·         Christmas Day                                     (December 25)

·         Boxing Day                                          (December 26)


Hotels check- in and out

Hotel check-in time is generally 3p.m. and check-out time is 11a.m. If you expect to arrive before your check-in time, plan to have a swimsuit and change of casual clothes handy, as most hotels have a changing room and luggage storage for early arrivals and you would want to catch some of the warm sun while swimming in the turquoise waters. The same applies with late departure flights.

 Now that you know your island essentials, you are ready to experience why "It is better in The Bahamas!"