bahamas tours tour nassau
bahamas tours tour nassau
Clint Sawyer, Founder and Tour Guide

owner Clint Arthur Sawyer is a professional bilingual hotel veteran with over 25 years of experience in International Tourism in London, Miami, The Bahamas and even on the open sea. Son of a Bahamian  father and Colombian mother, Clint grew up on the  Bahamian island of Abaco, but spent his summers visiting family in South America. While in Colombia in his childhood, Clint traveled on countless occasions to Latin America through Europe spending time in Spain, Paraguay, Venezuela, Panama, Cuba, Argentina and Brazil. 
At the age of 15, he began working at Treasure Cay Beach Resort and later moved to the Bluff House in Abaco before spending time as a sous chef at the restaurant Portobello Restaurant in London and as the captain of a pleasure boat in South Florida. He has a large client list  of artist and entertainers including the famous singer and performer Shakira. After a brief period in the banking sector overseas, Clint decided to join the Latin America division section of the Atlantis Resort, the world famous     tourist destination in Paradise Island Atlantis as a specialist in Spanish.  He speaks Spanish fluently and is familiar in Portuguese.  A big fan of history, Clint completed The Bahamas Bahama Host program, offered by the Ministry of Tourism, and he is Licensed as a Tour Guide by the Road and Traffic Department. Clint  has a tremendous passion for The Bahamas and looks forward  to sharing as much of the island’s rich history and culture with visitors, in their own language.


Yaite Simms, Tour Guide

owner Yȃite Simms is a Cuban national with more than twelve years of living in The Bahamas.  She is a bilingual tourist guide who will make you feel right at home during your visit to The Bahamas.  Passionate about the history of The Bahamas, Yȃite adds a special touch to her interactions with visitors. Yȃite is very versatile and has training in food marketing, sales, education and tourism.  Her knowledge of the Hispanic market allows Yȃite the full enjoyment of interacting with Latinos.  Her trips to Panama and El Salvador have allowed her to experience the Latin world outside her country. Like Clint, Yȃite has been licensed by The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, Bahama Host Program.


Our Mission
" Our mission is to provide transportation services to our visitors through our beautiful Island while sharing the wonders that The Bahamas has to offer, in their own language.
History of Bahamas Tours

After spending (12) years in the hotel industry, the owner of Bahamas Tours, Clint Arthur Sawyer, began to realize an ironic fact: it was almost impossible to find bilingual local guides who spoke Spanish or Portuguese.  
While working as a Latin America Specialist for The Spanish-Speaking Market at Atlantis, Clint was frustrated by the fact that many visitors could not appreciate the wonders of The Bahamas because of the language barrier.  It was then that in early 2013, he decided to remedy the situation and launched Bahamas Tours as the first tour operator fluent in Spanish in The Bahamas. 
Our unique sightseeing tour of the City of Nassau takes our visitors on an interactive three-hour adventure through the island of New Providence, exploring historic and cultural sites, Government House, John Watling's distillery and the local markets. Our tours are fun, educational, personalized and are led by bilingual guides experts, all certified by the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism program. 
In addition to our Tours of the City of Nassau, we also offer transfers to and from the airport and Private Group Tours. 
At Bahamas - Tours, we are proud to share our beautiful country with you, we will show you our most beautiful attractions and invite the magic and rhythms of our heritage to captivate you.  You will feel the calm breezes and of course try our unique food and drinks, and most importantly we are proud to share this in multiple languages.